Female Maple Hairstyles


Female Hairstyles:

I’ve selected my personal favorite Maple Story hairstyles to start: 
Scroll over the pictures to see their names :
New Hair: Pineapple hair and Prince hair
Palm Tree hair:


Prince hair:  




Found in Henesys Hair Salon (Royal Hair)                                                 





Found in Orbis Exp

Found in Orbis Exp

Sunflower Power:

Found in New Leaf City Exp


Found in Henesys, Orbis, and Mu Lung Vip And Exp


 Two pigtailed hair:    

Found in Henesys Royal Hair (Big Headward) (Random)



Pin-Up Hair:

Found in Henesys Royal Hair (Big Headward) (Random)


 Maiden’s Weave:  

Found in Amoria Exp


Found in Ludibrium Exp


 Darling Diva:  

Found in Henesys Exp


 Cecilia Twist:  

Found in Amoria Exp


Ballroom Classic:   

Found in Amoria Exp and Vip



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8 responses to “Female Maple Hairstyles

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  2. Lina

    Can you tell me where to get the Designer hairstyle? I bought the Amoria Membership coupon, but that hairstyle isnt on the list.

    • xdsushi

      Hey Lina, according to several sites the Designer hairstyle is available if you buy the Amoria Membership coupon 😮
      Maybe there was a glitch?
      Did you get it yet? o_o

  3. Lina

    No It’s still not in the list, maybe there is a certain time only when it’s available?

    • HyeIn

      Okay, I did some research, and apparently they took out the Designer hair in the last patch 😮
      I’ll update the post saying this :/
      Sorry about the confusion

      • Lina

        Alright, i thought it was strange… well anyway thanks for ur help 😀 I hope they put it back again

  4. zoey

    excuse me. but there is no jean to be found in Ludi. Please do update and tell me where can it be found. Thanks.(:

    • xdsushi

      hey, did you just look through the hair options at Ludi? because the hair stylist doesn’t show the EXP hair, only the VIP hair. I’m 100% sure that Jean is at Ludi EXP(buy the exp coupon). I’ve gotten that hair several times from Ludi 😛
      Hope I’ve helped :]

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