Female Maple Hairstyles


Female Hairstyles:

I’ve selected my personal favorite Maple Story hairstyles to start: 
Scroll over the pictures to see their names :
New Hair: Pineapple hair and Prince hair
Palm Tree hair:


Prince hair:  




Found in Henesys Hair Salon (Royal Hair)                                                 





Found in Orbis Exp

Found in Orbis Exp

Sunflower Power:

Found in New Leaf City Exp


Found in Henesys, Orbis, and Mu Lung Vip And Exp


 Two pigtailed hair:    

Found in Henesys Royal Hair (Big Headward) (Random)



Pin-Up Hair:

Found in Henesys Royal Hair (Big Headward) (Random)


 Maiden’s Weave:  

Found in Amoria Exp


Found in Ludibrium Exp


 Darling Diva:  

Found in Henesys Exp


 Cecilia Twist:  

Found in Amoria Exp


Ballroom Classic:   

Found in Amoria Exp and Vip



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Hair FAQ

Q: What’s the difference between VIP and EXP hair coupons? 

A: Basically, buying VIP hair is the “safe” route. You get to choose which hair you want. 

Maplestory has a limited amount of VIP hairs to choose from. Such as Rose, Angelina, and Ballroom Classic.  

With it being 4,500 nx per ticket ($4.50), this is the cheaper route.   

However, most people prefer to buy the EXP hair. There is a larger variety of EXP hair. (Sonara wave, Jean, Sunflower Power are just a few examples of EXP hair) 

Buying EXP hair is basically like a lottery. You could get lucky and get what you want first try, but chances are you’re going to end up spending around 20~80$ to get the hair you want. (Yes, I know of people who have spent that much to get the hair that they want) 

Exp coupons are 2100 nx per ticket ($2.10).

Q: What is a royal hair coupon and where can I get it? 

A: Royal hair coupons are events that Nexon has about twice every year (possibly more). Basically, you pay around 3600 nx ($3.60) to get one coupon. There are usually around 8-10 different hairs you can get depending on your gender. Current royal hair available: Prince, Two pigtail, Pin-up, Palm tree, Gardener, Housewife, Minute, Corn, etc. 

Prince hair: 

Found in Henesys Royal Hair (Big Headward) (Random)


Royal hair is available through Big Headward who is located in Henesys Hair Salon. 

Q: What is “Designer” hair?

A: It’s a new hair available through the Amoria hair membership ticket. This ticket allows you to change your hair (VIP choices only) as many times as you want in the time allotted (Should state this on the ticket). 

Designer hair: 

Found in Amoria (VIP Membership only)

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